Pallet Racking Stock Availabilty

Broad Variety Of Pallet Racking Options Available Both New and Second Hand

Stocklist Current as of 9/12/14


New Pallet Racking

Metech Upright Frames:

- 3600mm high by 900mm deep (royal blue)

- 4200mm high by 900mm deep (royal blue)

Metech Beams:

- 2700mm (orange)

- 1400mm (orange)


Second Hand Pallet Racking

Dexion Upright Frames:

- 4200mm high by 686mm deep (silver)

- 3600mm high by 840mm deep (silver)

- 4200mm high by 840mm deep (silver)

- 5000mm high by 1220mm deep (silver - can be shortened)

- 5500mm high by 840mm deep (blue - can be shortened)

- 5500mm high by 900mm deep (blue - can be shortened)

Dexion Beams:

- 2660mm (orange)

- 2700mm (orange)

- 2743mm (orange) near new

- 3200mm (orange) near new

- 3600mm (orange) near new


Schaefer Upright Frames:

- 4850mm high by 900mm deep (royal blue)

Schaefer Beams:

- 2700mm (orange)


Capital Upright Frames:

- 3600mm high by 900mm deep (silver)

- 4200mm high by 900mm deep (silver)

Capital Beams:

- 2740mm (green)

- 2900mm (green)


Victor Uprights:

- 4200mm high by 840mm deep (royal blue)

Victor Beams:

- 2700mm (red)


We have other assorted lots of racking and shelving available and stock always moves in and out so feel free to contact us today to get that storage project sorted.

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